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Why India for Outsourcing?

Why India for Outsourcing?

Very simple reasons in a simplified way are geo-political, human capital, IT competency, legal, cultural, IT infrastructure, IT outmarket, global competency, expert opinion, market opportunities, of course quality and low cost.

According to Global Outsourcing Report, India stands number 1 ahead of China. According to Mark Minevich and Dr. Frank Jurgen Richter, the future outsourcing index forecasts the competiveness of outsourcing destinations for 2015. India is on the top list for outsourcing services. Experts believe in the strengths and skill set available in India.

Some common issues you should know when it comes to choosing your outsourcing vendor outside India.

arrow Taxation- You need to get a legal advice and get tax benefits and tax implications right because different countries follow different taxation rules.

arrow Legal risks: Many countries have weak IP rights, bad legal system, lackluster legislation, piracy, red-tapism and so on. Your project and data may not be in safe hands.

arrow Political risks: This depends on the nature of government. Many countries preach democracy but ill-practiced. Issues like corruption, religious, ethnic and political.

arrow Resources Risk: Many countries face problem in finding educated, skilled and English proficient resource.  Several countries face problem in speaking English fluently. Grammar and accent have been an issue.

India does not face these risks like other countries do. India would be your ideal choice when it comes to outsourcing.