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Outsourcing Teleradiology Services – India

Outsourcing teleradiology services to Outsource2alpha India

If you are looking for companies in India for outsourcing teleradiology services, Outsource2alpha is the right choice. You need not look for radiologists who work at night at expensive rates. We provide 24/7 coverage services at low rates. If in case of an emergency situation, our radiologists can do a quick turn-around in 15 minutes. Our radiologists hold malpractice insurance and US board certified. You get quality and quick service round-the-clock from our HIPAA compliant transcription team.

Types of outsourcing teleradiology services offered:

arrow Medical imaging services
arrow 3D image processing services

Medical Imaging Services

Outsource2alpha offers you wide range of medical imaging services.

arrow General diagnostic radiography services
arrow CT scans (Computer Tomography)
arrow Fluroscopy services
arrow Interventional radiology services
arrow Ultrasound exams
arrow PET/CT exams
arrow Molecular (Nuclear) medicine exams

Let us know the service you are looking for. We will offer you the best-of-breed service on priority. We offer reports for ultrasounds, coronary CTA, MRI, X-rays, echo-cardiography etc and offer thorough interpretative service.

3D image Processing Services

Outsource 3D image processing services to Outsource2alpha and get quality output in less time. Our well-trained radiologists and technologists offer 24/7 service with increased scaling ability and customized procedure.

Outsourcing 3D image processing services to companies in India can give your physicians steady benefit from high-quality 3D models. Outsource2alpha is the right choice you can make today.

Our 3D image processing services are:

arrow 3D recon services
arrow MR/CT perfusion  services
arrow Virtual endoscopy services
arrow CT/MR coronary services
arrow Cardiac angiographies services
arrow Bone densitometry services
arrow Virtual colonoscopy services

By outsourcing teleradiology services to O2A our clientele have enjoyed high-quality service at low rates and increased their profits. Contact us now to outsource 3D image processing services or to outsource teleradiology services.