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Call Center Quality Management System

Call Center Quality Management System – O2A

Outsource2alpha integrates monitoring, control, quality management and training as per Six Sigma quality standards. Our firm observance to quality standards increases quality and reduces rework keeping efficiency altitude always on steadiness.

We follow 4 steps to ensure high quality sales and support.

arrow Describe Goals and KPI’s: Our six sigma certified managers will define key performance indicators and create customized call assessment report to evaluate agent performance.

arrow Rating Call Quality: At Outsource2alpha we monitor every call that is made by our call center operators. Every recorded call is monitored remotely. Our call monitoring steps

  1. Greeting
  2. Introduction
  3. Product Knowledge / SLA followed or not
  4. Call control / Objection handling / query handling / troubleshooting skills / Sales skills
  5. Closing the call

Agents are monitored on all these areas and rated accordingly in our customized call assessment report. les call has to be approved by the quality department who are well aware of defined quality metrics. Our quality certified seniors monitor calls live, provide real time feedback to call operators helping in development, training and improved performance & quality.

arrow Reporting: Our customized call assessment reports define weak areas, strengths and performance of agents.

arrow Feedback and Retraining: Feedback will be provided to each agent as per the analysis made. Agents are retrained based on their weak areas.

The process of quality monitoring and control is an ongoing process repeated to create continuous learning and improvement.

Offshoring call center services to Outsource2alpha will transform your business dreams in to reality. Contact us now.