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Outsourcing FAQ’s

Offshore Outsourcing FAQ’s

Some outsourcing faq’s for your review.

Will my Outsourcing Venture work? 

If was new to outsourcing industry, I would probably ask the same question.  In today’s marketplace, companies are investing a lot of money on infrastructure, technology, manpower, recruitment, advertising, training, quality etc to satisfy customers through whatever they have invested on.

All you need to do is to find a company that is serious in the business and focuses on customer satisfaction.

How do I know if my vendor is reliable?

First things first. Someone who is serious in business will prioritize his important work. Do not forget how quick they responded to your inquiry.

At the first stage of contact with your vendor, remember to ask a few questions to understand them better. You can ask them about the company to understand the company background. You can ask for client references and talk to references provided to understand how efficient or reliable the vendor is.

You can also ask for a free trial if your vendor is willing to do. Free trial could be for a day, two or three. This enables you to evaluate your vendor’s abilities and promptness.

Ask your vendor about data security, about quality plan, about how they are going to plan the operations to achieve your expected results and operational transparency.

Can I outsource and manage without affecting my core business?

Outsourcing is simply meant to make your job more efficient and easier. Outsourcing any of your business division or part of your business is to make sure you give more time on your core business while your outsourcing partner will handle the other part very professionally since that is where they are good at. People outsource when they cannot invest or when they do not have the expertise of the service or when their expenses are shooting to stars or when they are very busy handling their core business.

You can trust your outsourcing company to be capable of handling your outsourced business successfully because outsourcing is now simplified. While you go on with your daily business, your outsourcing company is focused on the targets you have provided them. They are professionals, experienced and talented who are always after achieving given targets. Your outsourcing company will be in constant touch with you keeping you updated on day-to-day status. You will get pre-shift reports, daily reports, weekly reports and monthly reports as well. It is very easy to manage your outsourced service. You can give more time and efforts in to the core area of your business.

How about the data security?

Your data should be in the right hands when you are outsourcing your business requirements to someone overseas.

All you need to do is ask your vendor about their data security plan. Many offshore companies have strict data security in place. Companies have access cards or finger print access to enter & exit office premises, cameras that monitor them always, no electronic devices to be carried inside the office (even mobile phones), administrative rights blocking all copy paste options in computers etc. Read more…