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Operational Transparency

Operational Transparency – O2A

Outsource2alpha proactively demonstrate it is solemnly business oriented and shows real care for it’s customers’ business outsourcing by offering operational transparency.

Access- Outsource2alpha maintains international standard data security and offers access to operational information to its customers. This gives our customers an added advantage of access to the data anytime. You get access to reports, live dashboard, reviews, sales, call recordings, individual agent performance, SPH, AHT etc by remote access.

Recording- At Outsource2alpha we consider our customers very important. We offer complete end-to-end 100% recording of calls, whether the call was an answering machine, not available, busy, call back or any call status. Whereas, average call centers record only 10-20% of calls which are often sales calls only. Sales calls are maintained for a period of 4 months after which they are deleted on our customers’ consent.

Training- For clients who are in different parts of the world and unable to travel for the sake of screening agents and training, we offer training and screening of agents through video conference, web sessions, conference calls etc.

Business reviews- Outsource2alpha believes in transparency of agent performance, quality and plans. Business review meetings are held weekly, fortnight or monthly to discuss issues, planning, execution, status etc. This enables us to grow and keep our clients aware of current status.

Outsource2alpha’s operational transparency has helped several customers to enjoy their outsourcing experience. Business owners need not worry about offshore outsourcing anymore. You can access and get status update from any part of the globe. Feel the real care for your business and value for your money.

We understand the importance of your business. Outsource call center services to us and save up to 50% on your operational expenses. Contact us now for additional information on operational transparency and how we work.