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Outsource Bilingual Call Centers | Multilingual Services

Bilingual call centers and Multilingual call center services by O2A

Spanish, French and German call center services. (Outbound, inbound, technical)

In a global economy success hinges on your business’s ability to serve local needs and your customer’s language expectations.

At Outsource2alpha’s call centers, we understand your difficulties in serving a global customer be it in Spanish, French or German. Our bilingual language services for outbound, inbound and technical queries are served for over 50 countries.

This enables you to sell your products and services to customers in Europe, North or South America and even across Africa. With our call center operations run with globally distributed call centers we understand the complexity and diverse needs your business requires.

Our proven international call centers’ multilingual services have developed important European and US brands in established and growth-markets.

Our international call centers’ offerings are meant for start-ups or large multinational firms with technical support (phone and e-mail) in the three main languages (German, French, Spanish) for a low maintenance fee.

The advantages include:

arrow  Low cost of operations and customer acquisition via our call centers
arrow  Better control over your spend from our language support services
arrow  Call center alternative to your existing support systems
arrow  Central repository for all your operations
arrow  Competitive rates
arrow  Proven quality of call center support

If you are considering outsourcing your language processes, setting up your own dedicated call operation, Outsource to third party service providers, or shifting processes to an offshore destination such as India look no further with Outsource2alpha Services, a global provider of end-to-end 24/7 language support services.

At outsource2alpha we have several multilingual call centers and bilingual call centers based out of Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Mauritius, Morocco, Canada etc. This enables our customers to work with the right team suitable for their language requirements. All our multilingual call centers and bilingual call centers are successfully handling language services.

At our multilingual call centers, we have French call center services, Spanish Call center services, Portuguese Call Center services and German Call Center services. We are well experienced in multilingual services by serving many customers successfully over the past few years.

Be it bilingual services or multilingual services, outsource your language support services to Outsource2alpha’s bilingual call centers and multilingual call centers.

Outsource2alpha provides bilingual inbound services, multilingual inbound services, bilingual outbound services, multilingual outbound services and also trilingual language services. Contact us for a Free quote.