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Outsourcing Medical Billing and Coding to India

Outsourcing Medical Billing and Coding Services to Outsource2alpha- India

Large number of healthcare facilities are outsourcing medical billing and coding services to companies from India and Philippines to get the benefit of quick and accurate work at very affordable price.

Healthcare facilities and hospitals face billing issues, slow reimbursements and billing denials. Due to such reasons medical facilities are unable to concentrate on their core functions.

 Why outsource medical billing and coding services?

arrow Your current costs for running medical billing and coding can be reduced up to 60%
arrow Save of infrastructure and technology
arrow You get faster reimbursements
arrow Reduced number of denials
arrow Accurate processing of claims
arrow Improved cash flow
arrow Get customized billing and coding services

Experience more benefits by outsourcing medical billing and coding services to O2A your outsourcing company from India. Outsource2alpha’s medical billing and coding delivery centers are based out of multiple cities in India and in Philippines. Distributed centers has helped us to maintain large volumes of work, TAT, high quality and security. Contact us now for a quick quote.

More Medical Billing and Coding Services from Outsource2alpha

arrow Medical coding services
arrow Hospital billing services
arrow Insurance claims processing services
arrow Medical  claims processing
arrow Accounts receivable management services
arrow Appointment scheduling  services
arrow Radiology billing services
arrow Cardiology billing services and more

Advantages of Outsourcing Medical Billing and Coding Services

arrow Regular reports- Outsource2alpha provides you daily, weekly  and monthly reports keeping you updated on the status of your claims. We will report to you about procedure code analysis, production and projection.

arrow Reduced denials- With Outsource2alpha’s experienced billing and coding team, your claims are accurate. You will see difference in the reduction of number of claim denials immediately.

arrow More Services- Our experience has helped us to offer you more services. You can choose  from our wide range of services.

arrow Latest trends- Our medical  coders are constantly updated on changing codes and medical coding software.  Our coders

arrow Certified coders- Outsource2alpha’s medical coders are certified and skilled at ICD-9, ICD-10, HCPCS and CPT

Outsource medical billing services and medical coding services to Outsource2alpha- best among other outsourced billing and coding companies. We give you accurate and timely productivity. Your search to for medical billing and coding services companies from India ends here.

Allow your office manager and support staff to focus on:

arrow Promotion & marketing to new patients
arrow Providing superior healthcare to your patients
arrow Developing new marketing strategies for your practice
arrow Maintaining superior patient relations

Expedite Your Revenue Generation

arrowClaims are paid within 7 -14 days

arrow Electronic claims are paid 50% faster than paper claims
arrow Paper claims are processed electronically to check for errors
arrow Percentage of paid claims will be increased

Eliminate Non-Productive Office Hours

arrow We perform all of the billing & follow-up functions
arrow You are able to utilize your time more efficiently

Improved Claims Accuracy

arrow All claims are audited for accuracy prior to submission
arrow Claims are then submitted electronically
arrow This results in less claim delays and non-payment


Our medical billing and coding services are offered Nationwide! Since each provider or practice is unique, we customize our medical billing services to meet your individual needs. We have the ability to remotely access your current database, networking our software with your office using state of the art technology under compliance, or having your information scanned or faxed to us. This includes all or some of the following services, depending on your individual needs:

Data entry – we obtain information from the provider and /or practice through Super-bill /EMR and enter this information into our database. Claims entry, Payment entry, Remittance posting, demographics, etc..

File claims –We believe in a paper free office and put in our best efforts to ensure all the claims are filed electronically and only a few additional payers may go on paper as it completely depends on the insurance carrier.

Fee Schedules – The Fee Schedule is vital part of the revenue cycle hence we update them yearly with the insurance companies and networks that you participate.

Statements –Patient Statements are mailed out from our office on behalf of your practice or facility. The protocols of statements and collections are done specifically to your specifications.

Payments -Every Explanations Of Benefits is reviewed for adjudication and posted. Each EOB will be audited for correct payment and/or benefits & Denials for appeals.

Appeals –An appeal is made to the payer following a denial of payment or an inappropriate payment, we further follow up with the payer until it gets reimbursed.

Reports –Reports are generated weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly to keep a precise track of reimbursements and help the practice focus more on patients and not on the revenue.

Why wait? Outsource medical billing and coding services to us. Contact us if you have any questions about our medical billing or medical coding services. Outsource medical billing services and medical coding services to our experts.