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How we work?

To ensure smooth transition and successful completion of your project we have five steps to follow.

Step 1: Establishing contact-
Our executive will contact you via email or phone.

Step 2: Understanding your requirement and analyzing-
Our professionals who are experienced in your domain will understand requirements, provide you a ballpark estimate and get an approval to go ahead. If required, we offer a trial.

Step3: Pricing and contracting-
Provide you firm pricing, proposal, contracting and signing off.

Step 4: Project initiation-
Deployment of resources and provide training. We will have a project kick off meeting. Same will be updated to you.

Step 5: Project steady state
Project execution and management. Live reporting, daily reporting, live access etc is provided.


If we have not mentioned the services you are looking for or need more information on any other service, please Contact us now.