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Healthcare Software Development Companies – India Outsourcing

Outsourcing Healthcare Software Development Companies – India

Healthcare software development companies in India are known worldwide for its quality and cost effective healthcare IT services. US healthcare industry is the largest that outsource its healthcare BPO or healthcare IT services & solutions to India.

O2A is known to be one of the best healthcare software development companies from 2008. If you are looking for healthcare software companies in India who are professional software developers to create tailor-made hospital management software then Outsource2alpha’s experienced healthcare software development team gives you user friendly, customized, technology driven and all types of healthcare software solutions.

Our team in India and offshore develops tailored and user-friendly software. We offer you Practice Management Software, EMR software, Claims Processing software and EDI integration.

Outsource Practice Management Software services to Outsource2alpha

Outsource2alpha offers you end-to-end practice management software solutions and services. With our extensive expertise and experience you can manage administrative duties, financial matters, patient invoicing, patient management, claims processing and report creation.

With our PMS services you can you can conduct meetings, setup appointments and manage list of insurance payers creating reports. You can also automate your organization’s process, procedures and work flow.

Outsource practice management software services to Outsource2alpha and achieve higher efficiency. 

Outsource EMR services- Electronic Medical Record software services

Healthcare physicians spend a lot of time on tasks like going through medical details of patients’, creating report on medical history, making a treatment plan, writing transcription process and proof-reading. It is repetitive and time consuming work.

Outsource2alpha offers you its EMR software solutions that can handle your time consuming tasks. Our EMR software is developed to meet your requirements. It helps you in managing patient charts in a simple way.

Outsource medical record software services to Outsource2alpha to focus on your patients. Outsource2alpha is your software vendor for healthcare.

Outsource Claims Processing Software services to Outsource2alpha

Outsource2alpha’s inventive solutions, best-of-breed technology, customer support, quick turnaround time and competitive pricing have separated us from other claims processing software services providers or companies. We use J2EE claims processing applications which are high-end maintaining HIPAA compliance.

You can now generate institutional, dental and medical claims very efficiently for your practice.

Outsource your claims processing software services to us to concentrate more on your core business areas and reduce clerical costs.

Outsource EDI integration services to Outsource2alpha- Electronic Data Interchange integration (EDI)

You can now send and receive healthcare claims automatically using electronic data interchange. Using EDI you get faster claims submission, processing and reimbursement.Our team can handle real time and batch bi-directional integration. We also offer you support for CMS, HL7 and HIPAA formats.

Outsource your EDI integration services to us and enjoy reduced costs & time due to fraudulent claims. Outsource2alpha is one of the best healthcare software development companies in India for your tailor made healthcare software development. Contact Us Now.