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CATI Questionnaire Services

Outsource CATI questionnaire services to Outsource2alpha

Outsource2alpha offers CATI questionnaire services (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing) to support clients who want to make the most of offshore delivery, quality solutions and cost differentials.

Our emphasis on keeping running costs philosophy to help our clients succeed.

Benefit from our international call centers’ qualified professionals, state-of-the-art technologies and leading technologies and infrastructure while you use our CATI questionnaire services and solutions.

 About Us
We follow industry standards and benchmark against the best in the world when it comes to processes and systems for CATI questionnaire services. From recording responses to cross verifying contacts on audio and video our capabilities form the scaffolding for your business.

Our call center systems support all kinds of interviewing such as random questioning to structured formats. The technology back end in our web based call centers is interconnected for a seamless transformation of your data.

To make our call center services even more compelling all our staff are trained periodically on voice, accent and market research subjects. They are also assessed regularly based on feedback.

To top it all we have call center experience in conducting scores of interviews in verticals such as healthcare, automotive and FMCG.

The call center process we follow includes recording all interviews in a prescribed format that takes into consideration options to recheck and modify tests. Our team is well equipped with the best infrastructure as well as a keen desire to get the best for our clients. We have a system which backs-up data so that your risks are mitigated. The analytic  team is confident and courteous to customers’ needs and their inputs support how our international call centers’ operations group leverages the information that is analyzed.

Reach us today for a demo on how we can optimize the right call center solution for your needs.

Outsourcing CATI questionnaire services or CATI services to India is beneficial.

Our offshore CATI services include CATI customer life cycle surveys and CATI market research survey. Industries we service include software, ITES, real estate, food, healthcare, retail and broadcasting.

CATI customer lifecycle surveys with complete recording

Outsource2alpha offers you complete voice recording of surveys while on contrast other companies offer you recordings of only questions related to open interpretation. With our complete voice files you can evaluate customer satisfaction, potential customer mix and zeroing in on the priority issues that needs to be dealt.  

Outsourcing CATI market research survey

Outsource2alpha’s CATI market research survey professionals will help prospects understand their needs, ideas, strengths etc so you can alter your products to meet their needs. Common survey areas are marketing & advertising, usage studies, product development, market research etc.