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Call Center Training Process

Call Center Training Process – O2A

With our vast call center experience we believe call center staff should undergo call center training process. We at Outsource2alpha consider high quality and dedication is the most important thing to achieve success.

We follow a few steps.

arrow Basics Orientation: Team introduction, payroll, leave policies, after call work procedures, work rules, safety, security, discipline, dress code, shift timings etc

arrow Culture, Mission, Vision and Core Value: Our actions always show what we have believed and learnt. So we invest time in introducing our culture, our vision and our core values in to the minds of our employees. This in return helps our employees to be professionally behaved. 

arrow In-depth Training over Call Center Etiquettes and Product Knowledge: Our six sigma certified trainers and product experts provide in-depth training over call center etiquettes, prominent communication, team building talents and the product. Asking questions, arranging product test & certification, mock calls, retrain etc gives us only the best agents for your product.

arrow  Call Center Software Training: To interact with customers effectively, agents are trained over our software. CRM training, basic troubleshooting, joining conference, adding responsible person to conference, editing notes, saving etc are some topics covered in the software training process. This enables agents to be confident and quick.

arrow Valued and Tracked Metrics: Call center employees are trained on metrics they are tracked and evaluated. We train agents on how we measure the metrics, what aspects influence the metrics and what it means to us as a company. They are also trained on how to improve, their goals and their growth in the organization. By this we are making sure our customers’ targets are achieved and our credibility increases.

Contact us now for additional information over call center training process for your business.